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  • Low foaming surfactants
  • Good cleaning power
  • Combined with defoaming properties
  • Product range with gradually increasing cloud points
  • Stable from pH 0 to pH 14
  • Label free

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The PROPETALs from ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ are a series of nonionic surfactants manufactured from fatty alcohols and ethylene and propylene oxide. As nonionic surfactants their typical properties are good wetting, dispersing and cleaning. The most recognized feature of fatty alcohol alkoxylates is their low foam in

practical applications. It should be noticed that foaming as well as wetting are temperature dependent processes. Generally the low foam range starts to occur only close or above the cloud point of the product. Therefore we recommend to select the particular PROPETAL or combinations of them according to the

expected temperature of application.


Low foaming surfactant are available with different cloud points from below 0 up to 60 °C and different low foam volumes according DIN 53902. These differences lead to various behavioral in different solvents and water.  Propetal 200 is for example good soluble in mineral oil or olive oil. While the Propetal 130- 160 can be used very good in combination with salt as thickener.


Their low foam behavior makes them particularly suitable for automatic cleaning applications e. g. in bottle cleaning, as spray cleaners, as rinsing aids in automatic dishwashers or in metal cleaning as degreasing agents. They are also useful as wetting agents in the textile industry.

Household, Institutional and Industrial cleaning 

  • 125 kg
  • 950 kg
  • 1000 kg



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