Zusotec WA

surfactants | New high-performing low-foaming wetting agents

  • 100 % active matter 
  • Stable in alkaline and acidic solutions 
  • Small contact angle on glass, steel and PTFE 
  • Readily biodegradable 
  • Compatible with all surfactant classes 

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Integrated Chemicals offers a range of high performance wetting agents for use in general cleaning, paint, coating and waterborne metal surface treatment. Our wetting agents are capable to reduce the surface tension on various substrates. Wetting agents are nonionic surfactants which are strong decrease of the surface tension. The wetting agents have the following benefits: 100% active matter, stable in alkaline and acidic solutions, small contact angle on glass, steel and PTFE, readily biodegradable, and compatible with all surfactant classes.

The difference between the Zusotec WA 110 & Zusotec WA 310 are:

ZUSOTEC WA 110 efficient wetting agent for cleaners that are highly diluted prior to application, e.g. high pressure cleaner. Especially for low concentrated cleaner low dosage from < 0.05% WA.

ZUSOTEC WA 310 efficient wetting agent for cleaners that call for higher concentrations in the final application, e.g. all-purpose cleaner. Especially for highly concentrated cleaners dosage from > 0.1 % WA.  It has low foaming properties and is easy to handle.


Low foaming alkaline cleaner, Alkaline spray cleaner


Household, Institutional and Industrial cleaning


  • 135 KG
  • 1000 KG



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Zusotec WA