Zusotec SE 300

surfactants | Environmentally friendly, hydrotropic surfactant, made of renewable sources.

  • From renewable source
  • Antistatic properties
  • High foaming
  • For various cleaners
  • Specially for water-based metal cleaners
  • For alkaline (metal) cleaners
  • Ecocert certified
  • Ecolabel products possible

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Product information

ZUSOTEC SE 300 is a hydrotropic surfactant that is developed to meet the needs of the cleaning industry and their customers to use renewable, sustainable raw materials. The product is therefore Ecocert Listed and can also be used to make cleaning products with an Ecolabel.

The high foaming character, together with the antistatic properties and the possibility to use the product in alkaline conditions, makes it very suitable for metal cleaners. But it can certainly also be used in many other cleaners. Requires less material compared to other green products in the market to get a clear formulation and assists with reducing viscosity.

Waterborne metal surface treatment, Alkaline metal cleaners, General cleaners

130 KG Drum 



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Zusotec SE 300