Oxetal SE

rheology-modifiers | Polymeric thickener for surfactant systems that are difficult to thicken with plain salt

  • Easy to handle
  • Adjustable with pH and salt
  • Elektroly resistant
  • Aesthetically good thickening
  • Effective at low concentrations

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Product information

Oxetal SE is a thickener, based on polyethylene glycol, which originally was developed for use in continuous process production of cleansing products. Because of the usability in continuous process, it is also very easy to blend with surfactant formulas in batch productions.

With this thickener it is possible to easily and quickly create mild, sulfate-free, cleansing formulations with a pleasant user experience.

After adding the thickener it is possible to further fine-tune the viscosity with the pH and by addition of common salt.

Shampoo, shower-gel, hand-soap

  • Drum 130 kg 
  • IBC 1000 kg



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Oxetal SE