Turboset Ultra Eco

resins | Self-crosslinking PU, VOC < 50g/L

  • Can be formulated to <140/50 grams/liter US/EU VOC*
  • Meets current US and EU VOC regulations
  • Excellent Taber abrasion and black heel mark resistance
  • Excellent wear properties
  • Excellent solvent rub resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Adhesion to multiple substrates including solvent based stains

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Product information

Turboset™ Ultra Eco is an NMP/NEP free, self-crosslinking waterborne polyurethane composite that is able to be formulated to <140g/L VOC US (< 50 g/L EU). Turboset™ Ultra Eco is designed to perform on sports, recreation and high traffic wood floors without the use of cross-linkers. One component (1K) waterborne finishes made from Turboset™ Ultra Eco can be formulated to have properties such as black heel mark, scuff and abrasion resistance comparable to 2K waterborne urethane finishes.

Turboset™ Ultra Eco is based on a state of the art, self-crosslinking mechanism that cures as the wet film dries. Turboset™ Ultra Eco’s ability to perform in demanding floor applications without adding cross-linkers simplifies and lowers the risks of application associated with 2K systems, while also reducing waste. If additional performance is desired, Turboset™ Ultra Eco can be further cross-linked with an external cross-linker, such as aziridine or isocyanate, to further improve properties such as hardness and chemical resistance.


(sports) flooring, wood, (fresh)concrete, bathroom, kitchen


  • 125 KG Drum 
  • 1000 KG IBC



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Turboset Ultra Eco