Carboset CA 1009

resins | Acryl - PU Hybride

  • Outstanding water resistance and durability
  • Long lasting color and appearance
  • Strong adhesion to most architectural roofs and facades

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Carboset CA 1009 is an acrylic polyurethane hybrid emulsion developed specifically for roof and building facade coatings. Compatible with easy to apply systems, this advanced emulsion works to improve critical architectural performance and aesthetic characteristics by enhancing water resistance, color strength and overall durability.

Providing an exceptional blend of elasticity and tensile strength, Carboset CA 1009 is tough protection against cracks and leaks in waterproofing coatings. Exceptional water resistance stems from its very low permeability, water uptake and capillary absorption. Suitable for nearly any roof substrate, Carboset CA 1009 has high adhesion strength and excellent resistance to UV and thermal aging for extended life. Low dirt pickup also maintains roof coating reflectivity for better energy savings. Bitumen bleed-through resistance (keeps reflective roofs looking white) Carboset CA 1009 can also be used as a primer over bitumen-based felt and asphalt roofs to reduce or eliminate bleed-through of the asphalt oils that darken a white roof coating.


Roof-coatings, Concrete, Bitumen, Asphalt, Facades

Concrete and Bitumen Coating, Resin


  • Drum 125KG
  • IBC 1000KG



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Carboset CA 1009