Carboset 2968

resins | Chemical resistant Acryl

  • Excellent hardness
  • Excellent hot pan resistance
  • Excellent clarity
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent early mar resistance
  • Excellent chemical and stain resistance

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Product information

Carboset 2968 is an APE-free self-crosslinking acrylic copolymer emulsion designed for lacquer topcoats and sealers on wood. Coatings produced with Carboset 2968 demonstrate exceptional chemical resistance especially coffee resistance, hardness, clarity, and appearance. Formulations containing Carboset 2968 also provide excellent hot pan resistance and mar resistance.

The exceptional properties of Carboset 2968 make it suitable for DIY interior clear and pigmented wood finishes as well as factory-applied, clear and pigmented wood lacquers. Carboset 2968 can be used to produce high performance kitchen cabinet finishes which pass the KCMA performance specification and the product is compliant with IKEA IOS-MAT 0066, IOS-MAT 0054 and IOS-PRG 0021.


Wood, Flooring, Indoor, Kitchen, Furnature

Floor Coating, Binder


  • Drum 125 KG
  • IBC 1000 KG



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Carboset 2968