Carboset PL3127

resins | Anti corrosion

  • Water-borne, low VOC capable, and APEO surfactant free.
  • Fast dry time allowing packaging, storage, assembly or shipment quickly after application.
  • Can be applied to machined and painted metal surfaces.
  • Provides short and long-term corrosion resistance.
  • Can be formulated for a wide range of application methods and use conditions.
  • Can be applied at low dry film thickness with excellent corrosion performance.

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Product information

Carboset® PL 3127 is APEO surfactant free and can be formulated to less than 45 g/L. It can also be formulated for various application methods such as spray, brush, or dip and is color and tint capable for visual indicators in plant operations.


Metal, Steel, Anti-corrosion, Peelable, Coatings, Plastics

Anti-Corrosion Coatings, Peelable Resin


  • Drum 125KG
  • IBC 1000KG



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Carboset PL3127