Aptalon W8060

resins | Self-crosslinking amide based PU, very high quality

  • Formulate to <110 grams/liter VOC
  • Meets current global VOC regulations
  • NMP, NEP, and APEO Free
  • Broad level of chemical resistance
  • Can be used for demanding wood finish applications
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Hard and tough films
  • Continue to perform in humid environments
  • Performs well in high traffic environments

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Product information

Aptalon W8060 is a waterborne, self-crosslinking polyurethane dispersion using patented Aptalon polyamide polyol technology. Aptalon W8060 is designed for high performance wood flooring applications.


The properties of coatings based on Aptalon W8060 come with 2K water-borne systems and can even compete with solvent-based polyurethane systems. Aptalon is resistant to hydrolysis and gives coatings a high hardness, scratch resistance and chemical resistance.


Flooring, high gloss, concrete/cement


  • 125 KG Drum 
  • 1000 KG IBC 



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Aptalon W8060