Lanolin Alcohol DB2G EP

lanolines | Lanolin Alcohol for pharmaceutical uses

  • Powerful W/O emulsifier
  • Moisturizer, conditioner and protector
  • Emulsion stabiliser
  • Also used in styling products

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Lanolin Alcohol DB2G EP is produced by alkaline hydrolysis of the lanoline raw material and after further refining. Lanolin Alcohol DB2G EP is the highly refined, unsaponifiable fraction of lanolin, composed of a complex; cholesterol, lanosterol, agnosterol and their di-hydro derivates and aliphatic alcohol.

Lanolin Alcohol DB2G EP is an improvement of the standard alcohol to optimize color and odour and fully comply to the EP.

Good to know is the safety of the product is well known and is listed in monograph of pharmacopeia around the world

Lipstick, creams as: night, sport, hair and baby, and lotions by dry skin and soaps


Private label, brand owners, pharmaceuticals, medical devices


  • 20 KG bag in box



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Lanolin Alcohol DB2G EP