Lanolin Wax

lanolines | Deoiled lanolin, creating stability at higher temperature.

  • Natural and renewable material 
  • W/O emulsified creams and ointment 
  • Extra stability a higher temperature 
  • Low peroxide content 
  • No need for stabilizer 
  • Similar characteristics to Anhydrous lanolin 

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Product information

Lanolin Wax is a special type of pharmaceutical wool wax. Were Lanolin Wax is a complex mixture of esters, di-esters and hydroxyl-esters of sterols and aliphatic alcohols with medium- to long-chain fatty acids.

Lanolin Wax is closely similar to the normal lanolin. However, it forms W/O emulsions with greater stability, particularly at higher temperatures. The texture is less sticky and firmer.

Lanolin Wax is an approved food contact lubricant for can coatings.


W/O emulsified creams and ointments, hair creams, sport creams and lipsticks, can coatings

Formulations with Lanoline Wax
All-purpose hand cream
All-purpose hand cream extra fattening


Private label, brand owners, medical devices


  • 200 KG drums
  • 1000 KG IBC



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Lanolin Wax