flame-retardants | Special series of flame retardant powders

  • Flame retardancy with low dosage
  • V0 (also with PE) possible
  • Alternative for eg APP, ATH etc ..
  • Both Intumescent and char forming
  • For PP, PBT, TPU, PE, PLA, PA etc ..

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Special series of flame retardant powders, mainly for plastics, which with a low to very low dosage already give a good flame retarding effect.

The first commercial product, Phoslite B631C, already gives a V2 classification in the UL94 test in PP with 1% dosing.

The series has now been extended with, for example, Phoslite B85AX for TPU and EXP-PP35 an Intumescent system for PP, EVA and LDPE, among others.



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