flame-retardants | Red phosphorus-based flame retardant masterbatches

  • Excellent flameretardant at low dosage
  • Versatile used in Polyolifines, PU, Electronics etc..
  • No free dust, not toxic, etc..
  • Not regulated for transport
  • Contains stabilised Red-Phosphorus
  • Good synergist with other flame retardants

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Preparation of stabilised and microencapsulated red-phosphorus suitable for mainly plastics and foams. 
Is a free-flowing and dust free masterbatch in pellets which makes it very easy to handle, accurately to dose and safely to process allowing high consistency in the quality of the final article.
Thermal stability makes it suitable for all kinds of Polyolifines, like PE, PP, PA, but also for Epoxies, PU and there is even a waterbased variant.

Plastics, Epoxies, PU's, Electronics, waterbased coatings etc..

Bags, drums, bulk



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