Masteret® 63560

flame-retardants | Microencapsulated Red Phosphorus in TCPP carrier (for PU)

  • Very efficient (1-5% dose)
  • Not regulated for transport (no ADR)
  • Can be processed up to 190 ° C
  • Highly visible due to red color

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Product information

Efficient additive to produce flame-retardant polyurethanes, PIR's or other plastics that contain TCPP. 
Can also be used in halogenated organic polymers such as PVC to replace Antimony Trioxide. 
Meets high demands such as French epiradiateur class M1 and or standard DIN 4102 class B1.

Polyurethane foam, Epoxy foam, PVC

Drums or 1000 Liter IBCs



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Masteret® 63560