Polymeric Flame retardant OL1001 and OL3001

flame-retardants | Polymeric, low molecular weight, reactive flame retardants

  • Stays in systems due to polymeric and reactive character
  • Reactive end groups for incorporation into systems
  • Various molecular weights to optimize product properties
  • Soluble in solvents used for thermoset processing
  • Achieves UL-94 V0 rating

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Polymeric flame retardants OL1001 and OL3001 are oligomers with low molecular weights and are reactive flame retardant additives. They are phosphorus based with phenolic end groups suitable for flame retarding thermoset resins, such as unsaturated polyesters, epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea. They are transparent and highly soluble in the typical solvents used in thermoset resin processing.


  • Coarse white granules and powder
  • Phosphorus content 9-10%
  • Average Moluculair Weight 1400 & 2500 (Mn)
  • Hydroxyl number; 75 & 50 (KOH)
  • Optical in use: transparent
  • Insolubale in Water, Hexane
  • Soluble in MEK, Acetone, Methyl Cellulose, DMF

  • Decorative laminates
  • Wall panels
  • Copper clad laminates for printed circuit boards
  • Protective sheets and coatings




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Polymeric Flame retardant OL1001 and OL3001