Polymeric flameretardants HM1100, HM9000 & HM7000

flame-retardants | Flameretardants with an exceptionally high limiting oxygen index

  • Exceptionally good flameretardant
  • Transparant
  • Non-halogenated 
  • Non-corrosive and non-migrating 
  • High melt flow 
  • High limiting oxygen index (LOI) – 60% 

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Phosphorus-based flame retardants give various complex reactions in the event of a fire, but mainly work by solid phase pyrolysis (decomposition) of polymers, forming a carbon-rich, dense char on the surface of the polymer. As a result, oxygen has less access to the fuel and delays the fire. Because this product is a polymer, it does not bloom, making it more effective. It "binds" with the polymers such as PET, PBT, PLA, PC and TPU.

These phosphonates are hygroscopic materials therefore, it is important that the material is thoroughly dried prior to melt processing (<50 – 200 ppm moisture).

These flame-retardants are considered non-hazardous materials when handled in accordance with standard industrial hygiene practices 

  • Phosphorus based
  • Phosphorus content 10,5%
  • Light transmittance >88%
  • Tg: 105°C
  • LOI 60%
  • UL94 0,4mm  V0
  • TGA Decomposition 5wt% (Air) (°C)  .>440°C
  • Specific Gravity 1,2
  • Bulk Density 0,73 g/cm3


Plastic fibers for carpet and textiles

(PU) foams 

Electronic connectors

Wire and cable, 

Transparent sheet products 

Blown films.




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Polymeric flameretardants HM1100, HM9000 & HM7000