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  • 92 - 99.7 % AI²O³-content
  • Free-of-binder bodies
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NABALTEC is operating with the GRANALOX series one of the world’s most up-to-date production facilities in the field of ceramic bodies. The alumina content of the Granalox products range here from 92% up to 99,7%. The rest of the Granalox products are various types of additives to optimize the different products to specific applications. In general the GRANALOX products find their application in fields where the characteristic properties of alumina are required. These include ceramic products with exceptional high hardness and wear resistance, good thermal creep resistance, electrical insulation, high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, does NABALTEC offer more individualized GRANALOX products with individual mineral and binder composition regarding the needs of the customer. The previous discussed GRANALOX product series can be modified in various physical parameter as well, such as, granulate size, bulk density and moisture content.

These specifications lead to 4 different GRANALOX® series types:
M 92 Series: 92% Al2O3 content that is especially for wear resistant ceramics and standard machinery parts
M 96 Series: 96% Al2O3 content that is especially for electrical insulating parts, chemical resistant ceramics and ballistic protection
M 98 Series: 98% Al2O3 content that is especially for machinery parts and ballistic protection
M 99 Series: 99,7% Al2O3 content that is especially used in the field of engineering ceramics

ICS would be happy to advise and assist you in finding the right GRANALOX product for you and your application.

NM 92 series: wear resistant ceramics, standard machinery parts
NM 96 series: electrical insulating parts, chemical resistant ceramics, ballistic protection
NM 98 series: machinery parts, ballistic protection
NM 99 series: engineering ceramics

Technical Ceramics, Architecture Ceramics


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