Recovered Carbon Black

fillers | The cheaper and greener solution for Carbon Black applications

  • Cheaper alternative for conventional Carbon black 
  • Green solution to acquire Carbon black
  • Only trace amounts of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH´s)
  • Only traces of metal and heavy metal contents
  • PAH´s and metal contents do not affect the performance negatively
  • High purity level

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Recovered carbon black (rCB) is produced via depolymerisation of post-consumer rubber goods. The rCB material resulting from this method consists mainly of the conventional carbon black with traces of PAH´s and metal contents. All components of the rCB were measured using standard methods in accredited external laboratories.

The concentration of non-carbonaceous residues (NCR) within the rCB varies between 13% to 24% depending of the input materials. Amorphous Silica (SiO2) with 8% to 12% and Zinc sulphide with 5% to 6% (ZnS) are the main constituent of the NCR.

The concentration of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons is very low on the other hand. By creating organic residue-free rCB´s the PAH levels are significantly lower than the majority of furnace carbon blacks. This results in conformity with the REACH regulations and compliance with the EU10/2011 food contact regulations.

Furthermore, does the rCB of cct contain on trace elements of metals and heavy metals from the rubber feedstock. Tests have shown that these metal trace elements do not interfere with the applications for carbon black.

In conclusion it can be said that the recovered carbon black from cct is a very clean and pure material with low levels of PAH´s and metals. Therefore, rCB can be considered a cheaper, greener Alternative to conventional carbon black.

Rubber compounding

Tires, Paints, Pigments


  • 25 kg low-melt PE-bags 
  • 1000 kg Big Bags



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Recovered Carbon Black