Graphene Nano platelets

fillers | The wonder filler for coatings, polymers, oil, ceramics etc.

  • Anti corrosion
  • UV protection
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Hydrophobic
  • Flame retardant
  • Impervious for gas or liquids
  • 10 times more electrical conductor than copper
  • 200 times harder as steel
  • 5 times more thermal conductive as diamond

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Graphene, also called the “wonder material”, was theorized in the middle of the 20th century but deemed impossible. Only as recently as 2004 it was possible to create Graphene and on basis of its extraordinary properties Graphene earned the nickname “wonder material”.

Those extraordinary properties and characteristics of Graphene include that it is 200 times stronger than steel, that is has 5 times more thermal conductivity than diamond, that it is impervious to gas and liquids and it is also has a 10 times higher electrical conductivity than copper. Furthermore, is Graphene bio compatible, inert, anti-corrosive, UV-protective, electromagnetic protective, anti-bacterial, hydrophobic, hard as a diamond, flame retardant, flexible, lubricant, light weighted and transparent.

The two main possibilities to manufacture graphene are:

1) Vapor deposit essentially intended for the electronics but it is an expensive process and limited to small surfaces

2) Exfoliation of graphite to obtain powder or solution for composites or surface treatments

Graphene is used in a wide range of applications and for a wide range of different products like polymers, metals, ceramics and many more. Graphene is mostly used in two ways:

1) As a filler: Graphene can come as a filler to enhance all kinds of properties. It can improve the mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. The benefits begin at a very low loading rate (e.g. 0,01%) and provide superior performance over conventional loadings

2) As a coating: Graphene can be used as a surface treatment. Several approaches are possible like chemical, electrolytic or using a coating. These can have improvements on abrasion resistance, corrosion, thermal conductivity and electrical etc. Making Graphene an effective alternative to current treatments.


Polymers, Ceramics, Oil, Plastics, Coatings

Fillers, Coatings, Plastics, PU, Sealants, Rubber, Resins, Ceramics, Personal care

  • 1 KG
  • 10 KG
  • 100 KG
  • 1000 KG



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Graphene Nano platelets