WN60 Nylon Fibre

fibers | Light weight, random cut white fibre

  • To be used in epoxies, vinyl esters and polyesters composites
  • Can also be used in PVC and various other thermoplastics (PE, PP)
  • Improved wear and tear resistance (car parts)
  • Cheaper as carbon fibers
  • Safer as glass fiber in processing

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Goonvean WN60 Nylon fibers are used in composites and plastics, to improve internal strength and tensile strength.
The fiber is lightweight, giving an improved strength to weight ratio in products.

WN 60 Nylon fiber
Fiber length 50%: 125-250 microns
Fiber length 90%:> 250 Micron
Fiber diameter: 10-20 microns
Melting point: 210-250 ° C
Moisture content: 3.0-5.5
Density: 1.30-1.40
Tensile strength%: 30-50


  • 20 kg bags



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WN60 Nylon Fibre