KDY17/30 Modified Acrylic Fibres

fibers | Cut fibers for improvement processing and end results of screeds

  • Improved flow 
  • Less material needed for the same result
  • Less cracking
  • Longer processing time
  • Faster drying after application
  • More resistant to delamination

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Product information

The KDY17/30 precision cut and modified acrylic fibres are used in screeds to improve flow and processing time during application. The product gives improved wear resistance and strength to the screed. This means less cracking and reduction of delamination.


KDY17/30 used in applications where fibre strength and resilience are required. As the material is resistant to high temperature and does not burn it is commonly used as an intumescent material in adhesives, resins and paints.


Sub Floor Adhesive Coatings, Roof Sealants, intumescent Paints and Sealants, Exterior Paints


  • 20 kg bags



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KDY17/30 Modified Acrylic Fibres