PE60 Polyester Fibres

fibers | Precision cut fibers for improvement of hardness etc..

  • Better tear strenght
  • Increased scorch times
  • Increased hardness
  • Reduce carbon black dosage (more cost-effective formulations)

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Goonvean PE60 Polyester cut fibres can be used in rubber, for improving hardness, tear strength and scorch times. It also allows the amount of carbon to be reduced, which result in more cost-effective formulations.

When mixing in SBR, only a fractional increase in the vulcanization time was observed during testing, after which the tear strength increased by 10% in the final product. There is also an increase in hardness of around 7% and 11% of the scorch time. The tensile strength decreased slightly.

Chemical and Industrial Lining Compounds

Rubber Industry


  • 20 KG bags 



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PE60 Polyester Fibres