Solsperse 40000

dispergents | APE-free polymeric dispersant to improve pigment dispersion and stability.

  • Low foaming 
  • Improved gloss
  • Increased pigment concentration
  • No detrimental effect on water resistance 
  • Improvements on flocculation resistance 

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Product information

Solsperse 40000 is an APE-Free polymeric dispersant in water and DEA (diethanolamine), that improves the dispersion and stability of pigments in water-based paints. When used in water-based paints, Solsperse 40000 lowers the formation of foam, increases pigment concentration and improves gloss while having zero detrimental effects on the water resistance of the paint.

Water-based paint (inorganic pigments), water-based / glycol , titanium dioxide  & silica pigments.


  • 25 KG Drum



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Solsperse 40000