Homide® 125WG

curing-agents-catalyst | Multifunctional Rubber Vulcanization Agent

  • Improves heat resistance
  • Improves oxidation resistance
  • Antiscorching additive
  • Improves the adhesion of the rubber
  • Reduced compression deformation
  • Can be used as vulcanizing agent or as co-accelerator;as an alternative to sulfur accelerators
  • Available in master batches or in melting bags

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Homide® 125WG is a yellow powder. It can be used for a variety of synthetic rubbers and natural rubber as vulcanization agent or auxiliary vulcanisator. Main application in rubber is found in peroxide cured EPDM as co-accelerator. The Homide® 125WG is the same as the known HVA-2. Combined with Sulphur, in natural rubber, it can prevent sulfurization reversion, it improves heat resistance and oxidation resistance.

Furthermore, Homide® 125WG can be used as sulphur-free accelerator for various kinds of synthetic rubbers, and will improve the vulcanisation curve and cross-linking.  By using Homide® 125WG as rubber vulcanization agent it is possible to reduce rubber deformation from compression, improve the adhesion as well as prevent scorching in the process.

ICS offers Homide® 125WG also in a masterbatch or a low melting bag for an easier and safer way to handle the product.


Curing agent for elastomers, tires for construction vehicles, heavy duty belts, “O” rings, Impregnation of fibre glass and graphite for aerospace, electrical insulations, structural adhesives, laminate binders or epoxy laminates


Rubber Vulcanization, Rubber Curing, Electric, Construction


  • 25 KG Bags
  • Bulk



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Homide® 125WG