Silane ICS-171

curing-agents-catalyst | Raw material for siliconemodification in polyethylene co-polymers

  • Monomer for silicone modifications in polyethylene
  • Can be applied in different co-polymer combinations
  • Fine-tunable properties of the final polymer
  • End products are very well suited for use in electronics
  • CAS: 2768-02-7

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The ICS-171 is a monomer for the production of modified polyethylene in many different densities and co-polymer structures. It is, for example, possible to make block-copolymers with a comb structure, or if desired a linear structure. These two types can fine-tune the final properties of the polymer.

Application of these modified polymers are cable shields and electrical resistances.

CAS: 2768-02-7


Production of silicone modified polyethylene


25 kg drums

200 kg drums

1000 kg IBCs



Luc-Jan van Dongen

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Silane ICS-171