Silane ICS-550

curing-agents-catalyst | Modified primary amine coupling agent for composite resin casting

  • Silane modified primary amine
  • Coupling agent for mineral fillers in resin casting composites
  • Adhesion promoter for amine-reactive adhesive, coatings and sealers
  • Improved water-resistance
  • CAS: 919-30-2

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ICS-550 is a silane modified primary amine which can be used as a coupling agent in composites and as an adhesion promoter in amine reactive adhesives, coatings and sealers.

As an additive in composites the silane group can bind with inorganic fillers such as fiberglass, metallic powders and mineral fillers. The primary amine is subsequently available as cross-linker for resins to create polyamides or cross link to epoxy groups. Improvements in mechanical properties such as flexural strength and compressive strength are attainable with this additive.

On the substrate surface these components can bind on similar nonorganic materials. A covalent bond is created between the substrate and the organic polymer-mass. Adhesion is significantly improved for adhesives and coating formulations.

CAS: 919-30-2


Amine-reactive composites, adhesives and coatings. Examples are polyamide, epoxy, nitrile and phenol aldehydes.


25 kg drums

200 kg drums

1000 kg IBC



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Silane ICS-550