Silane ICS-502

curing-agents-catalyst | Base material for production of sol-gels

  • Tetraethoxy molecule of silicium
  • Raw material for the production of sol-gels
  • Monomer for silicone-modifications in resins and other raw materials
  • Possibility to use as a silicone gel coating
  • CAS: 78-10-4

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ICS-502 is used as base raw material for the production of macromolecular silicones, organosilicons and silicone modifications in polymers. These reaction products are then processed to create coupling agents, dispersants and very durable resins for use in surface protection, mostly for outdoor protection.

If it’s applied directly only mineral substrates it creates a protective coating of silica-gel, resulting in a strong and water repellant surface.

CAS: 78-10-4


Production of sol-gels, silicone-gel coatings and synthesis of silicone modified raw materials.


25 kg drum

200 kg drum

1000 kg IBC



Luc-Jan van Dongen

Person Luc-Jan van Dongen

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Silane ICS-502