Cilcure B

bonding-agents | Enhance adhesion and improve environmental resistance

  • Improved environmental resistance 
  • Improved adhesion
  • Universally applicable for 40er Cilbond series
  • Usable for Cilbond 80ET
  • Good effect with small quantities

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Product information

Cilcure B is an additive for the 40´s series of Cilbond bonding agents as well as the Cilbond 80ET rubber bonding agent. Especially heat resistance, salt water resistance and creep resistance can be improved by this additive. 

As with all isocyanates Cilcure B is a reactive material and it must be stored in a sealed container in a cool dry environment. After use, always seal container to avoid undue contact with air. Avoid excessive heat (>40ºC) and avoid storage at temperatures below 10ºC. If the product exhibits excessive haziness and sediment, store for several days at a high temperature of 35 – 45ºC.


Hydromounts, TVD’s, Pump Linings, Tank Linings, Hoses, Rollers

  • 1 L
  • 5 L
  • 25 L



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Cilcure B