Solvents | Replacement of fast evaporating and strong solvents such as Methylene Chloride, MEK and Aceton.

  • Replacement of dangerous carriers in sprays
  • Alternative for classical paint stripper
  • No dizziness (No H336 on MSDS)
  • Strong solvent for many substances
  • Good miscibility with water
  • CAS: 109-87-5

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Methylal, or Dimethoxy Methane, is a colourless liquid and a strong solvent. It’s solubility power is incredibly high and it can therefore be applied in many different applications. Because of its fast evaporation, it is often used in sprayed products. There it is suitable as replacement of Methylene Chloride or Ethanol.

The product is suitable for use in cosmetics, it is functional in a range of different product types. The most common product is hair styling sprays. In styling sprays it is usually replacing Methylene Chloride or Ethanol.

Methylene Chloride has the H351 (suspect carcinogen) label and is usually already replaced by other solvents in cosmetics spray bottles. Methylal has a similar, strong, solvent behaviour which can bring back the quality of the original bottles. In the case of Ethylacohol it can act as a quality upgrade, when part of alcohol is replaced by Methylal the spray droplet size is reduced and the drying times is drastically shortened.

Further application of Methylal can be found in creams and lotions. Because of the fast evaporation a cooling effect is obtained. This property, together with the high solvent power for UV-filters, make it a very logical choice for sun-care formulations.

Removing nail polish with Methylal, often combined with Dioxolane, is very effective. As replacement of Aceton or Ethyl Acetate, Methylal does not give the feeling of drowsiness when using it close to the face.

For formulation based on Methylal see Alcohol / Methylal handgel


Hair spray, sun-protection, nail polish remover


  • 170kg drums
  • 50kg drums



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