Solvents | Alternative for Perchloroethylene and D-Limonene

  • Non Flammable 
  • Non Toxic
  • Stable and favourable price
  • Ready availability
  • CAS [2568-90-3]

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Butylal is an environmentally friendly and healthier replacements for perchloroethylene. Furthermore, the solvent power is greater than D-limonene and other dearomatized carbohydrates. Butylal is a proven replacement for D-Limonene in cleaning products and personal care. Butylal is not labelled and is therefore not flammable and non-toxic, it has been NSF approved and also has a favourable price compared to D-limonene. D-limonene (and to a lesser extent dipentene) has a fluctuating price and availability is often uncertain.

Butylal is als known as dibutoxymethane (DBM) and dibutyl formal.

CAS 2568-90-3



“Green” solvents for adhesives, industrial coatings, degreasing, chemical synthesis and agro chemicals. It can be used to scrub CO2 from gas flows. Also, it can be used as solvent for cellulose based cosmetics formulations and as replacement of D-Limonene (5989-27-5) and dipentene (138-86-3)


  • Drum 50 kg
  • Drum 170 kg
  • IBC 1000 kg



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