Solvents | Foams, Adhesives and cast elastomers

  • More efficient than acetone, MEK and other solvents 
  • Very aggressive 
  • High loading capacity for reuse and reduced cost‐of‐ownership 

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PUR‐STRIP 300 is a very aggressive formulated cleaning solvent for cured urethanes. It is no chlorinated, non-flammable (by U.S. Department of Transportation definition), and no ozone depleting. It is not aluminium safe.

PUR‐STRIP 300 is compatible with the following materials: Steel, Teflon®, and Polyethylene & Polypropylene. Avoid the following materials: Viton®, PVC, and Aluminium.

PUR‐STRIP 300 removes the following materials: Foams, Adhesives, and Cast elastomers.


Spray polyurethane foam equipment cleaning

Industrial urethane removal and cleaning

Polyurethane mould cleaning



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