Erapol® EMC Series

Polyurethane-Systems | MDI caprolactone, oil and solvent resistance

  • High tear strenght
  • High tensile strength
  • Oil/solvent resistance
  • High impact abrasion resistance
  • Low heat build up

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Erapol EMC Series is a high performance hot castable grade, MDI polyuerthane elastomer based on polycaprolactone polyols and is generally semi-solid at ambient conditions. This product is an elastomer with outstanding toughness and abrasion properties, which is characteristic of MDI systems. The Erapol EMC Series is normally cured with 1,4-butandiol. Erapol EMC Series can be mixed by hand and can be machine dispensed also. The Erapol EMC Series is available from shore 85A up to 95A.

Advantages of caprolactones are that they have excellent mechanical and solvent resistant properties. Due to the combination of the good tensile strength and tear strength of an MDI, this material is very suitable for various applications.


Wheels, Screens, Rollers, Scraper Blades, Oil Seals, Cutting Boards


Automotive, Building and Construction, Coated fabrics, Electrical, Engineered Components, Food, Mining Oil, Chemicals and Marine, Rollers, Seals and Gaskets, Footwear, Wheel and Tyres



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Erapol® EMC Series