Erapol® 1K Series Filled

Polyurethane-Systems | Calcium Carbonate Filled

  • No mixing required
  • Stable at room temperature
  • Minimal waste
  • Easy for processing
  • Air bubbles self-release

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The 1K Series is a single component blocked polyurethane system that cures with heat. The isocyanate are blocked and released when adding heat to the system (>100°). The system is unique and designed for printing rolls, small runs and prototyping. The system is user friendly because it doesn't require the normal mixers, degassing, and catalyst a conventional systems requires. Avoid unnecessary waste and expensive equipment. The 1K series do not contain harmful free isocyanates, MOCA (MbOCA) or other solvents.

The product range is available from shore 20A to shore 90A.


Printingrolls, Small runs and Prototyping


Polyurethane Industry, Engineering


  • 20 KG Drums



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Erapol® 1K Series Filled