Erapol® EMD - Low Hardness

Polyurethane-Systems | Cold Cast Polyether / MDI Flexible Polyurethane

  • Long Pot Life 
  • Low Viscosity 
  • Rapid Demould 
  • Very Low Shrinkage 

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Erapol® EMD has been designed as an MDI polether two component polyurethande system that will cure at room temperature. This product is medium performance polyurethane with excellent elongation and good flexibility. The product does not contain TDI, thus making it user friendly and easy to use.

Automotive, Building and Construction, Coated Fabrics, Electrical, Engineered Components, Food, Mining Oil, Chemicals and Marine, Rollers, Seals and Gaskets, Footwear, Wheel and Tires.


  • 20 KG



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Erapol® EMD - Low Hardness